That’s Amore

Italy is a cultural wonderland. Its picturesque landscapes accompanied with outrageously fantastic personalities have given birth to the food, art, and architecture which entice the travel inclined and almost all of them to return. I recently travelled all over Europe and found Italy to be my favourite of the 13 countries I visited. Venice, Rome and Florence are what I believe to be the treasures of Italy, each showcasing their beauty in a different way.

Small cobble streets, a multitude of bridges over canals housing dozens upon dozens of gondolas, this artificial island city built on the water hundreds of years ago somehow still stands. The venetian people have taken great pride in showcasing their history through architecture. The best way to see it is, is by walking amongst the people, down the small narrow streets, or another option is of course a gondola. I highly recommend going on a gondola ride, it really is a pinch yourself moment (especially when you sing ‘that’s amore’ the entire time). Other must see spots include Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge and St Marks Basilica all of which are beautiful sights. Venice is a city for explorers, by solely wandering the streets and looking at the sights you’ll fulfil your venetian experience. Of course, having Italian food is a must and you’ll without a doubt find tremendous amounts in Venice. Some notable places I visited was a gelataria called “Gelatoteca SuSo” (you can never go wrong with vanilla!) Piazza San Marco is gorgeous but really try not to eat there, I’m talking 9 euro for a scoop of gelato! Venture 5 minutes down a street and I’m sure they’ll be somewhere easier on your wallet. Venice is a quaint and romantic waterfront city I’d go back to any day and i’m sure you’d agree.

Next stop, Roma! The city of love, food, architecture, culture, fashion, ancient history, and so much more. Rome is abundant and plentiful and is a must for every world traveller. The first thing to check of your list is visiting the smallest country in the world which is within Rome, the Vatican City. I’m not a religious person by any means but this place really is in my top 10 of places I’ve been. To truly understand all the art and architecture I’d recommend going on a guided tour (I’ve included the link to book the tour below). The tour guides have excessive knowledge and show you the most important aspects of the Vatican. Rome has successfully preserved many ancient buildings, and the mixture between old and new across the city is something that interested me greatly. Walking amongst the ruins at the roman forum and touring the colosseum are musts of course, but searching the city and finding small charming piazzas and fascinating statues, listening to the Italian language, of course getting more gelato is what embracing Italy is all about. Best place to do this I think is the area surrounding the Pantheon. I sat with my friends around a water fountain, taking in the view, watching people eat their pasta at the surrounding restaurants, eating gelato from Gelataria Della Palma (which has over 150 flavours by the way!) was a moment I’ll always cherish, and I highly recommend it. I almost forgot! The Trevi Fountain is packed with tourists, always! but you have to see it and have to throw a coin, the legend has it you’ll return to Rome if you do! Love, love, love Roma!

The first place I went to when I arrived in Florence was Piazzale Michelangelo. The panoramic view at this point showcases the beauty of Florence, the red tiled roofs, the dome of the Florence cathedral, Ponte Vechhio, etc. Florence is best known for its leather and you can find it everywhere, but knowing the difference between fake and real is essential (I included a link below). Similarly to Rome and Venice, there are many squares and piazzas displaying the history of the renaissance through buildings, statues, architecture, etc. Personally, I had the best coffee of my life in Florence, and the experience was as authentic as it could get. Standing at the coffee bar at one of the oldest cafes in Florence (Caffe Gilli), sipping a cappuccino, eating the best cannoli ever, that was as good as it got for me. Of course, Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence Cathedral) is a must see. You can walk to the very top which is said to give an amazing view of Florence. I didn’t because there were an insane amount of stairs looking back now I wish I had. The details of Florence is what makes it so memorable.

I’ve included a link to a website that has some helpful hints about Italy in general that I found very useful, but the most important thing to remember when travelling to Italy is to do as the Italians do!

Please admire my own personal photos from my trip, leave any comments and share my adventure with your world!


Helpful Hints 

Shopping Tips 

Vatican Tour 

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